1. About Our Office

    A view of our lobby

    Over the years our office has gone through many changes as we seek to best serve the needs of patients in Johnson City and surrounding areas.  When it comes to finding a dentist, you want to make sure your practice is equipped with the best equipment, and most importantly, the best people.

    We have recently expanded and remodeled our surroundings both inside and out. We have also upgraded our equipment, including switching to the latest digital x-ray system and computerizing all of our treatment rooms. All this has been done with the care and well-being of our patients in mind.

    The technological advancements that have occurred since this practice was established in 1976 have been astounding. I have always made it my goal to see that our patients receive the best care possible. It has always been important to me that my office and dental team stay current with all the proven techniques and technological advancements that have occurred throughout the years.

    Some of the additions and changes we are currently using are as follows:

    Chairside Computers

    Chairside Computers

    This enables the clinician to record and maintain advanced record keeping and charting for each patient. This has also allowed our office to become basically paperless.

    Digital X-Rays

    This x-ray advancement gives us real time x-ray results. They enable us to better evaluate and diagnose any problem the patient might have. Patients can now see and better understand the enlarged x-ray when viewed on computer monitors. Digital x-rays also decrease the amount of radiation exposure up to 80%.

    Intraoral Cameras

    This technology allows the clinician to see a more detailed view of the patients teeth. The Intraoral camera also aids in helping the patient better understand their dental condition, as they can watch on the monitor screen.

    Digital Cameras

    We use high quality digital photos to evaluate smiles, take before and after treatment photos, and acquire patient ID photos. Both the intraoral and digital camera photos can be attached to the patients computerized records.

    Soft Tissue Management Program

    This is a program for the treatment of periodontal disease. We offer three stages of treatment, depending on the severity of the disease.




    This is a laser instrument that gives us the capability for early detection and diagnosis of tooth decay. This enables us to treat the area in a more conservative manner with less loss of tooth structure.

    Piezo Scaler

    This is an instrument that aids in the cleaning process of the teeth. The Piezo Scaler has been proven to be more effective than cleaning with hand instruments alone.

    Prophy Jet

    This instrument combines baking soda and air to accomplish the final polishing of the teeth after scaling. The results we get with the Prophy Jet are much better than the old rubber cup/pumice way. We also find it to be less abrasive and much kinder on the teeth.


    In addition to our traditional oral cancer exam (look & feel) we also make available to our patients ViziLite. ViziLite utilizes technology that can assist us in the early detection of oral abnormalities on the cellular level, including pre-malignant lesions and oral cancer. Early detection of these abnormalities can save lives.

    Exam Chair


    This is a patient educational software program containing several hundred videos that run two to three minutes in length. Selecting and watching appropriate videos helps to educate and answer the many questions our patients may have on dental treatment and aftercare.

    E-Mail Communication with our Referring Doctors

    This enables us to quickly send and receive information from our various referring doctors. Because of this we can better treat and serve our patients regarding any problems and concerns that may arise.

    Electronic Insurance Claim Filing

    By filing the patients insurance claim electronically, it helps to cut down on the amount of time it takes the insurance company to turn around a claim or pre-treatment estimate. Electric filing gets the insurance reimbursement back in a more timely fashion and we are able to get the proposed treatment estimate returned quicker as well.

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