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Boone’s Creek Dentistry is such a positive experience. The staff is very friendly and professional! They all work together to put me at ease during my dental appointments! I am so happy to have found them!
Pam T.
Everyone in the Boones Creek Dentistry is pleasant and personable. They keep up-to-date with the very latest dental technology as well. I just learned that I can have my crown made in one visit.
William P.
Very friendly staff who are knowledgeable and professional while also personable and a joy to talk with. Dr. Davis and his staff work well as a team and you will be taken care of. Thank you to Boones Creek Dentistry.
Matthew R.
The staff here are kind and professional. They did a great job of making me feel relaxed and welcome. Appointment time was honored and there was minimal wait time. Would highly recommend to others.
Erika A.
The staff here is amazing. They have been so wonderful about working in and around hectic schedules and always seem to have time to answer questions and provide top notch service! I would absolutely reccomend Boones Creek Dentistry to anyone!!!!
Curtis B.